Friday, August 5, 2011

Easter in August

Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous.

We had a wonderful, no frills Easter. Just us, at home. Jacob is a such a great age to celebrate the holidays. He gets super excited about every holiday and can really participate in all the fun traditions. Every year at Christmas my parents would have us do a "hunt" for our last present. They would hide little notes around the house that led us to the final present of the day (usually the most wanted present). I knew I would carry on that tradition with my family because it was so much fun. Since we didn't make it to any Easter egg hunts this year, I decided to do a little hunt for their Easter baskets on Easter morning. I hid eggs all over the house, inside and out, with a note and a piece of candy inside. Jacob had so much fun searching for his basket!

I hid eggs in the house and both front and back yards. The funny part was that while he was finding eggs in the back yard there were no baskets at the door. When he went to find eggs in the front yard I slipped the baskets from their hiding places and put them at the back door. When he found the baskets he couldn't believe the Easter Bunny was sooooo tricky :)

We had a wonderful time eating candy, dying Easter eggs and enjoying a great Easter ham together as a family. I hope I can continue to create wonderful memories for my kids and keep them believing in that tricky Easter Bunny for many years to come!

I love his expression here. I wonder what he is thinking?